Industrial Software Solutions

For Environmental and Process Monitoring






Continuous Emissions Monitoring

Limesoft is a world supplier of CEMS software solutions that help our customers to stay compliant and meet their environmental regulation and operating permit requirements.    

Ambient Air Monitoring

AQMS software solutions to monitor the concentration of air pollutants and meteorological parameters from multiple stations and upload the data to the company or government office.

Industrial Data Logging

Our data loggers can communicate with a multitude of analyzers, PLCs, and I/O devices using Modbus and OPC industrial protocols.

Predictive Emissions Monitoring

Mathematical modelling software for emission estimation and handling, that reduces capital expenditure and maintenance costs when compared to traditional CEMS monitoring approach.

IoT and Cloud Monitoring

Software to obtain data from multiple industrial sites and data sources, to provide a secure environment to store, analyze and report data.

Why Limesoft?

Limesoft Inc. is a software development company that designs and develops data acquisition, control and environmental monitoring software solutions for various markets.

Our experience covers cement, power generation, oil and gas, petrochemical, waste incineration, steel and other industries around the globe, were we help our customers to meet their process automation and environmental regulation specific requirements.


POWER Generation

Control and monitoring of Gas Turbine Generator and Electrical Gas Compressor Stacks, Boilers, Biomass and Steam Engines.

Waste Incineration

Environmental software for Waste Incinerators and Waste to Energy plants.


Software for Oil and Gas, Basic Chemical Manufacturing, Resin, Synthetic Rubber, and Artificial and Synthetic Fibers.

Pulp & Paper

Environmental software for manufacturers of paper, paperboard and other cellulose-based products.


Emissions monitoring for manufactures of Portland cement, other hydraulic cements, cement clinker and specialty cements.


Data Acquisition System Software for Pet and Human crematoriums.


We have several software products that can work independently or as a packaged solution to address specific project requirements. Two of our products, LiMeDAS and DCU, are certified by SIRA in the environmental software data management category.

Environmental Data Management and CEMS software is our main market with dozens of installations in many countries worldwide.


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