Data Loggers


Data Loggers and Communication Gateways

Easy Data Collection

Our software can help to interface a multitude of devices to record, display and report data. We can connect and acquire data from instruments, sensors, meters, discrete and analog I/O modules, as well as PLCs, SCADA control systems, DCS, and many other hardware and software sources.


Industrial Communication Gateways

Let us know if you have a device that uses an unfamiliar protocol. We can help to interface it into your industrial network.

Our DCU product can connect to one or many devices simultaneously over the Ethernet or Serial network. Modbus TCP-IP, Modbus RTU/ASCII, OPC, and other industrial protocols are supported. The DCU will acquire data and will store it in the internal Modbus Memory Map.

As a centralized Data Hub or Gateway, DCU can then respond as a Modbus Serial or Ethernet Slave and provide data to one or multiple Modbus Masters.

Supported Devices

Here are examples of some supported devices used for environmental monitoring:

ABB ACF5000 – Modbus TCP-IP

ABB AO2040 – OPC Advanced Optima OPC Server or Modbus TCP-IP

ABB AO2000 – OPC Advanced Optima OPC Server or Modbus TCP-IP

ABB AC500 PLC – Modbus RTU

AMETEK – Thermox® CEM/O2 Oxygen Analyzer – RegEx

AMETEK – Model 920 Multi-Gas Analyzer – Modbus RTU

Durag D-FL 200 – Modbus RTU

Durag D-R 290 – Modbus RTU

Durag D−R 800 – Modbus RTU

Durag D-ISC 100 – Modbus TCP-IP

SICK MCS100E – Modbus TCP-IP

SICK Flowsic – RegEx

SICK GM31 – RegEx

SICK OMD41 – RegEx

Emerson – X-STREAM – Modbus TCP/RTU

Emerson – Quantum Cascade – Modbus TCP/RTU

Emerson – Rosemount Analytical 1500XA – Modbus TCP/RTU

Siemens Ultramat – ELAN Interface

Siemens Fidomat –ELAN Interface

Siemens Oxymat – ELAN Interface

Teledyne T100H – Modbus RTU or TCP-IP

Teledyne T200H – Modbus RTU or TCP-IP

Teledyne T300H – Modbus RTU or TCP-IP

Teledyne ULTRAFLOW 150 – RegEx