Our system can interface with any Modbus or OPC capable third party software component or hardware device (such as gas analyzers, temperature and flow meters, analog and digital I/O modules, OPC Servers, and plant DCS systems) for data acquisition and value exchange.
High Availability and Failover
The LiMeDAS can leverage the latest technology to be installed in a failover server cluster. When the Data Server is installed in a cluster, the LiMeDAS application addresses both the failover and high availability concerns providing close to 100% up-time.
Each Data Collection Unit has an embedded database engine to store all acquired data locally along with sending it across the network. The database is effectively replicated in the main server PC providing full data redundancy.
Multi-Source and Time-Sharing
The LiMeDAS is specifically developed to simultaneously access and monitor multiple data sources. Users are able to customize their client workstations to display the data from a single source or compare values across various locations.

WE USE industry accepted technologies and standards

Our applications are designed with innovative technologies relying on many years of industry experience. We use the best development practices and the most powerful tools to create our products.

Distributed application architecture allows LiMeDAS components to run on multiple computers across the network to meet demanding requirements. The application consists of three main components: Data Server, Remote Client and Reporting Module.

Data Server: Data Server is a windows service application that will interface with a database to retrieve the data and expose it to client applications. The server will accumulate the data from all data sources and will implement additional value calculations and data processing capabilities.

Remote Client: Remote Client is a feature-rich GUI application that is the primary tool to visualize and monitor the data. It receives real-time updates and historical data from the LiMeDAS Server. The client is fully customizable and can be configured to display single or multiple values as well as compare data sources side by side.

Reporting Module: Reporting Module provides a highly flexible environment to meet various application requirements and regulations. It is a stand-alone solution that can be deployed together with the client application on one computer or installed separately.