What is LiMeDAS?
Live Measurement Data Acquisition System (LiMeDAS) is a powerful and robust software application package designed to collect, store, display and report industrial process related data from a variety of sources.
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How can I get more product information?

To get more information about our products and services please e-mail us at info@limesoft.ca.

How to purchase and what is the pricing?

To request a quote please send us an e-mail to sales@limesoft.ca describing the application requirements. Please provide the following information:
- number of data sources to be monitored
- number of analyzers and their types
- pollutants to be monitored and reported
- environmental legislation
- site permit if available

What hardware is supported?
Our product uses the Analog IO subsystem and OPC UA technology to interface with a variety of hardware analyzers. Please send a request to info@limesoft.ca to find out what is the best solution for your hardware infrastructure. Refer to the 'Technology' section of this web site for more information.
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At Limesoft Inc. we understand that process monitoring software has to be operational 24/7 and any breakdown is highly undesirable and expensive. We make every effort to provide a reliable and stable solution that can run continuously without shutdowns.



We also provide the following support services:

  • E-mail support is available. Please contact us at support@limesoft.ca and our support personal will respond back to you within 24 hours.
  • Telephone support is available to our customers for emergency service inquiries 24/7. Once you purchase one of our products you will be given a direct phone number for contacting our support engineers.
  • On-site support assistance can be provided for critical development projects. This service is available upon request.


Our products are also supplied by our distributors. In this case please contact your solution provider.