Process Control


Limesoft process control Solutions

Process Control

Limesoft software can monitor any industrial process, big or small. We have good knowledge of industrial protocols, control, functional and processing capabilities. We can take any parameter or variable from your industrial device or sensor, compute specific or characteristic result values, and bring them to your displays.

Our products can also supervise and control your analytical hardware. We can provide required control commands and routines to initiate sequences, open and close valves or regulators, switches or relays, reset errors, set maintenance or test modes.


PLC like Capabilities at Lower Cost

Limesoft’s applicatiions can run on industrial or server grade computers and can be installed in Harsh and hazardous environments that require Class 1/Division 2 & ATEX Certified devices. Various options are available for installation: din-rail and panel mounted, rack server or regular desktop.

Our software is intuitive and easy to use and can be programmed, similar to a PLC, to run commands and execute functions manually or automatically.

Below are just a few functions that can be implemented and can provide a cost-effective and often better alternative to the PLC:

  • Temperature control
  • Bottle pressure control
  • Analyzer stream switching
  • Blowback and back purge
  • Daily drift check and verification
  • PID Control Loop

SCADA and Industrial Process Diagram

Limesoft software can provide interactive process flow diagrams for supervisory control and process monitoring. We can supply industrial touchscreen panels that will visualize your production process or supply chain.

The client-server distributed architecture allows having multiple workstations to work with the central server, to examine and analyze data, receive alarm signals and notifications, and run control tasks. Various industrial applications are possible. Process diagrams can show summary information about the status and value limit violations, mimic diagrams can be used to monitor hardware sensors or equipment, facility layout diagrams can provide safety information and keep track of what is happening on site.