Stack Auditor


Stack Testing And QA

About Stack Auditor

Limesoft Stack Auditor application allows running various tests that are required for CEMS quality control and quality assurance. The Stack Auditor can be used by stack testing companies and plant operators to configure, schedule and execute tests manually or automatically.

Supported Tests

The following gas cylinder tests are currently supported by the Stack Auditor:

  • US ЕРА 40 CFR 60 CGA
  • US EPA 40 CFR 75 Linearity
  • Canada EPS l/PG/7 Cylinder Gas Test
  • Alberta CEMS Code CGA
  • US ЕРА 40 CFR 60 Method 7E
  • Canada Multi-Sector Air Pollutants Regulations (MSAPR) testing

The application also allows for Data Collection tests to be performed as a part of the MSAPR and Method 7E testing or separately.


PLC Communication & Valve Control

  • PLC can be connected using Modbus TCP-IP or Modbus RTU protocols
  • Limesoft DCU can be used for advanced control
  • PLC health bit monitoring is supported to stop the test if an error occurs
  • PLC ready bit can be used to wait for the PLC to complete initialization

Gas Bottle Inventory

The application allows to create a gas bottle inventory to specify gasses and cylinder gas bottles. The inventory can be used to easily configure tests, and to track bottle parameters such as bottle expiry date, manufacturer information, and gas composition and concentrations.

Test Control

    The Test Control window will display the test progress along with status information, showing the current test, measured values, and the expected results.

    Test steps can be performed manually or automatically, depending on the test type and configuration.

    The control windows allow for steps to be repeated, skipped or the whole test to aborted. The application also monitors the hardware health status, and will notify the user if any adjustments are necessary or steps has to be retaken if results are unacceptable.

    All test results and recorded measured values can be exported to Excel or CSV file.